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Upcoming Installations:

Friday November 7 2008 - 5:30pm - 10pm
Downtown Providence, RI
On the upper facade of the 32-story Westin Residences
Sponsored by the Prov. Arts + Business Council

September 17- 20 2008
Evenings, various empty lots in downtown Providence, RI
November 7, 2008
Westin Residence Facade, presented by the Providence Arts + Business Council

Large-scale urban projection / installation
by Erik Carlson, Erik Gould and Erica Carpenter.
Funded by the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts.

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Over the course of several evenings, large-scale film projections will be shown on the blank building walls adjacent to a vacant lot in Providence’s downtown district.

FOUND GROUND is composed of found, collected and remixed 8mm home-movies and text, projected large on “new-found” ground of Providence — in this case, on walls recently exposed by downtown demolition. 1950’s-70’s footage of vacation travels, roadside views and scenes of home will be projected on surfaces that reveal a co-mingling of interior and exterior finishes (bathroom tiles, wallboard, bare brick, doorways) as part of a project that seeks to explore how we as Americans discover, imagine, inhabit, consume and lose the known spaces around us. With its homemade images, FOUND GROUND looks at the broad American landscape through the lens of some of our most intimate cultural ideals (home, family, travel, leisure), with an eye toward establishing new ground for thinking about, and living in, the built and natural spaces we hold among us.

The installation will strive to become part of the landscape, a flickering image that will engage the attention of passers-by on Westminster or Weybosset Streets. Glimpsed from further away, between buildings and down alleyways, it will highlight relationships between the newly void space and the established spaces around it, thus reconnecting the “void” to the life of the city.

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Funded in part by the
Rhode Island State Council on the Arts

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