L o - R e z / H i - F i

A Participatory Public Artwork - 1110 Vermont Avenue - Washington DC

Lo Rez / Hi Fi
is a permanent public art project that activates the sidewalk and engages the public by transforming light and sound into interactive mediums. Conceived by architect Meejin Yoon, it was created in collaboration with Erik Carlson, who was the composer / sound designer for the project. Erik composed a palette of over 80 unique sounds for what was conceived as a "soundgrove," an intimate public space which, through the medium of sound, invites the public into an organic interaction.

Erik worked closely with the architect to develop the operation and functionality of the interactive soundgrove poles as instruments activated by touch. The result is a grove of LEDs that create a 3-dimensional space on the sidewalk. When activated by passersby, the poles emit musical tones that intermix with the sonic palette of the surrounding street ambiance. As more people occupy the grove, an unpredictable, ever-shifting choreography of tones creates a open, public composition.

• Completed in 2007.
• Featured at the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum "Design Life Now" Triennial, 2006-7
• Winner of Boston Society of Architects AIA award, 2007
• Received honorable mention in the 2009 IMEB Bourges competition
• Featured in Architectural Record Nov. 2007: READ ARTICLE > > >

WATCH A VIDEO of the artwork > > > >

LEFT - Night view of the 14' tall, 4" diameter stainless steel sound poles. Touch sensors at each segment trigger 80 unique sound samples, allowing for spontaneous and infinitely variable compositions. Touch also triggers LED rings and cap, creating a marker which is visible from afar.

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BELOW - Image of the temporary installation of Low Rez / Hi Fi and the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum's "Design Life Now" Triennial in 2006-7 in New York, NY. This exhibit also travelled to the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston, MA and the Contemporary Art Museum in Houston, TX.

Erik Carlson: Audio Composition, Sound Design, and audio interactivity
Meejin Yoon / MY Studio: lead designer and architect
Will Pickering / Parallel Development: Fabrication, programming and installation
Private Commission.

Audio Copyright © 2007 Erik Carlson
Project + Image Copyright © 2007 MY Studio